Welcome and Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Garden City Midwives are a group of midwives; Molly JakovickasGanka Ianev, Sylvia Stewart, Debbie Lyth, Avin Panckhurst and Jodie Lysaght who attend both home births and hospital births in the Christchurch area, providing care throughout pregnancy until six weeks following birth.

We believe that pregnancy is a normal part of life and not an illness and we support a woman’s right to receive unbiased information and to make her own choices. We believe in providing exceptional, personalized care to each woman and her family/whanau as defined by her.

We offer complete pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal care in a range of settings as chosen by you and we are all epidural certified in order to provide you with a complete range of pain relief options. We are well connected within our community and can provide a range of options for referral to other health practitioners if the need should arise.

Our midwives usually work in teams of two, with each midwife taking her own client case-load.  Working in this way enables us to provide our clients with a 24 hour a day on call service for emergencies as well as ensuring that, should your midwife be unavailable, there is always a backup midwife available to care for you.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing your journey to motherhood with you and your family!

Molly, Ganka, Sylvia and Tamara – Garden City Midwives

Our Professional Affiliations

Midwifery Council
The Midwifery Council has set the Competencies for Entry to the Register to ensure that midwives are competent to practice their profession thereby protecting the health and safety of mothers and babies by ensuring all midwives must be registered with Midwifery Council in order to practice. For more information see www.midwiferycouncil.health.nz

New Zealand College of Midwives
The New Zealand College of Midwives sets our standards for practice, our Code of Ethics and is responsible for our bi-annual Midwifery Standards Review, a tool designed to ensure that midwives are working across the Scope of Practice thereby providing effective maternity care. For more information see www.midwife.org.nz

Midwifery and Maternity Providers Organisation
For more information see www.mmpo.co.nz

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