Molly Jakovickas – Midwife

Molly came from Canada (Nelson, B.C.) in 2004 and has been practising midwifery in NZ since 2007. In Canada she was a practising herbalist, apprentice midwife, owned an organic cafe/herbal dispensary, and shared a flower business.  She has 3 lovely children, and has experienced premature birth, hospital birth and one homebirth.

Molly feels privileged to walk alongside women on their journey to motherhood.  She has a love for supporting women to birth at home and in primary birthing units (Burwood, Lincoln and Rangiora), however Molly has a deep understanding that a woman should birth wherever she will feel the most safe and comfortable (which includes Christchurch Women’s hospital). Her favourite birth moment is watching a baby born in water peacefully looking around and tasting his/her new surroundings. As part of facilitating a gentle birth Molly understands water is helpful so she is happy to help her clients achieve this.

Molly has a holistic philosophy and she welcomes the chance to incorporate herbal remedies and homeopathy into her practice (if that’s what her clients want). As Molly is health conscious herself she enjoys helping clients develop a nutrition plan to suit their needs.  She also works closely with other health professionals such as Osteopaths, Naturopaths and Acupuncturists to assist her clients to have the best possible outcome.

Pregnancy and birth is an amazingly powerful time for self exploration for a woman and her family and molly feels honoured to assist in this transition to parenthood.  She is aware that the early days can be challenging and she feels strongly in giving extra support during the postnatal period (after the birth) to facilitate this.

A small caseload helps Molly to balance work and family life which gives her time to meet the needs of both. In her off time she enjoys heading to the beach or the hot pools. She also likes watching a game of rugby which her husband is thankful for! Her love of nature is expressed through gardening and heading out of town to the country to rejuvenate.  As she loves the country she is happy to care for clients up to an hour away.

After a long day the wine, chocolate and a bath is sooooo good which seems to be a midwife thing!

Contact Molly

Ph: 021 2200367

Molly’s antenatal clinic is conveniently located on Manchester Street in St Albans, Christchurch. If you are visiting us for the first time please note that our clinic entrance is on the left hand side of the building, and our clinic rooms are located upstairs.

Molly Jakovickas Garden City Midwives Maternity Clinic
545 Manchester Street
St Albans