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Birth photography is a photo-journalistic (storytelling) collection of images from the birth of your baby. It is intended to capture the emotion of your journey and the little moments that complete the story. Things you are either unaware of, or in the depths of labour just won’t remember. 

Bloom Birth PhotographyThe intensive experience within the hospital has allowed me to become an Approved Visiting Professional within the Canterbury DHB primary care birthing units. I am proud to say that I am currently the only hospital approved birth photographer within the Canterbury region.

My practice as a birth photographer is much more than just taking photos. I bring support for the family as well as the LMC or midwife on duty. I simply become part of your care team and am available to help in any way: I have been there to hold legs, hands, cold flannels, grab ice and cups of tea.

Recently I studied with BirthWorks International and attended the Doula course held in Christchurch. Whilst I am not a practising doula, I attended this course to broaden my knowledge and to support my craft as a documentary photographer. I understand the birth process and the importance of keeping the oxytocin high and therefore I ensure I have a very safe and professional relationship with
my clients prior to labour.

My work is all about capturing those moments that a mum might forget or oversee in the “fog of labour”.  Mothers love revisiting their birth story so this is a wonderful addition to fill the gaps and ensure they have those special moments documented forever. The first look, cuddle, dad’s reaction, how dad supported mum, the look on babies face when they took their first breath and the relief on mums face.

Birth is empowering. It changes your body, your outlook, but most of all it changes your heart.

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Bloom Birth Photography Bloom Birth Photography